Calming and Grounding in Difficult Times by Jean Campbell

"Resilience and Transferable Skills"
Trailercast by Elyse Snipes Podcast Interview

“The Spiritual Midwife”
Wounded Healer Podcast Interview

“Addiction, Alcoholism and How To Get Help”
KUSI Interview – November 23, 2016
(Jean’s segment begins at 8:14)

“Psychodrama for Healing”
YogaHub Interview – February 15, 2017

“Psychodrama and Traversing Your Path to Healing”
Mental Health Radio interview – January 26, 2017

“Why is Psychodrama Therapy An Imperative Part of Trauma Recovery?”
Mental Health Radio interview – September 21, 2016

“Me Pluribus Unum”
TEDx Conejo Talk – March 2012

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