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Bravehearted Family Recovery Workshop

When addiction invades a family, everyone suffers.  But there is hope.

This online weekend workshop will provide family members and friends impacted by the disease of addiction a deeper understanding of this illness, how it affects them, and how their efforts to help sometimes lead to the problem getting worse.  Through education, exercises and group process, we will focus on what to do and what not to do, and we will provide participants with tools that can help them remain hopeful and resilient while moving forward with their own recovery process.

Bravehearted Grieving

Regardless of the cause of it, loss can be painful and overwhelming because it requires us to let go of something cherished, accept unwanted changes, and find a new way of existing in the world. We are offered no roadmap for this daunting path and often travel it alone. Many of us cope with loss by shutting down our hearts, but that serves to isolate us even more. In the midst of such despair, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever be happy again.

Please join us in this one of a kind, small group retreat, where we will explore our unique experiences, deepen our understanding of loss and mourning, build connection and community, and develop personal rituals of healing. Loss is permanent but through resilience, we can each find a new sense of being and create a vision for the future.


Moving Forward:  A Workshop for Women Healing from a Relationship With A Narcissist

Being in a relationship with a narcissist comes with a rollercoaster of emotions — not the least of which are hurt feelings, frustration, disbelief, and even questioning your own sanity. Nothing the narcissist says or does is consistent. They are caring and charming one moment, devaluing and spiteful the next. They will express one thing, and then do another. When you confront them with these discrepancies, they blame you, claiming you are the crazy one. And at times, you begin to believe them.

Let’s Refocus — on You!

Recuperating from a narcissistic relationship is a complex proposal, usually taking much longer to resolve than ending a so- called “normal relationship.” After walking on eggshells for years, it takes time for your system to normalize, to regain your psychological and bodily strength, and to rebuild your self-worth and a sense of who you are.

This retreat, for women who are healing from being in a relationship with a narcissist, supports you on your path of understanding what you’ve experienced, how to truly let go and move beyond your anguish, and then ultimately rebuild your life to become an even stronger and more resilient version of who you were intended to be.

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