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    thoughts on “One Time Retreat”

    1. This is a great post. My therapist taught me Voo-ing a while back but, I forgot how to do it. Guess I am going to have to revisit Voo-ing. 🙂 Thanks for the post!

    2. Any tips on how to ensure you’re breathing out properly? (From the stomach) Also is there any other resources you could reference on this effect? A google search and this was the only article!


      • Sorry for the delay in responding, David, and thanks for writing. When exhaling, I often use the metaphor of blowing out birthday candles, and imagining there’s one that won’t go out, so you have to keep blowing until it is. That will typically help someone visualize the pressure level and amount of exhale it takes to fully empty the lungs. The other exercise is the “voo” exercise that Peter Levine, PhD, the creator of Somatic Experiencing uses. You take a deep breath in, and on the exhale, make a sustained “voo” sound at a low register (like a foghorn) until you’ve used up all your breath. The suggestion is to do it 3 times to help return a sense of calm to the nervous system. Hope that helps.

      • Hello Waterfall Magazine: I don’t know why our website decided to send this message now, as opposed to when you wrote it back in June, but thank you for your lovely comments. I am hoping to post blogs more consistently, and I appreciate the encouragement. Thank you.


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