Ongoing Psychodrama Training Groups

In our ongoing training groups for professionals, participants will learn specific action methods techniques, such as sociometry, psychodrama, and group psychotherapy. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice them and to explore how they can be applied to their current clientele.

There will be many opportunities to practice these skills after they are demonstrated, and where appropriate, participants will be encouraged and supported to student direct.

Most professionals who train in psychodrama do not go on to pursue certification, but are keen to learn effective techniques that they can ethically practice with their clients.  This group is open to therapists, counselors, interventionists, bodyworkers, treatment center staff, coaches, teachers, doctors, nurses, clergy, attorneys or anyone working in the helping profession who can benefit from utilizing action methods in their work.

Because those of us working in helping professions find it difficult to find safe spaces in which to do our own work, this group also serves as a place for personal exploration.  When training in psychodrama, students direct each other in personal growth psychodramas, allowing for healing and transformation for everyone. Great care is taken to build strong safety, and a commitment to confidentiality is made each time the group meets.  Group members have found the group invaluable in pursuing both their personal and professional work and in having an ongoing community of like-minded practitioners with whom they can continue to walk the path of healing and recovery.


Engaging and motivating clients
Helping clients connect to self and others
Helping clients progress in treatment
Building group cohesion
Dealing with conflict in group
Somatic attunement and interventions

Group members must make a 3 consecutive scheduled group weekend commitment to one training group to start (including financially). Since the dates will be available in advance, the expectation is that group members will attend. If there is a cause for absence, refunds will not be issued.  In addition, closure must be done over the course of two groups.

A personal interview with our CEO, Jean Campbell, LCSW, TEP, is required before registering for any ongoing training group.

CEUs are available for all professional training workshops and training groups.

Call us today to find out how training in psychodrama and action methods can benefit both you and your clients.

BIPOC Group (meets 6x per year for half a day each time)

Virtual Training Group (meets every other month for half a day)

Orange County Psychodrama Training Group (meets 3x per year for 3 days each time)

Orange County Action Methods Training Group
(meets 3x per year for 3 days each time)

Salt Lake City Psychodrama Training Group
(meets 2x per year for 4 days each time)

Desert Psychodrama Training Group
(meets 2x per year for 4 days each time)

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