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Clients presenting with narcissism can be challenging to treat, and many clinicians struggle to find effective interventions.  In psychodrama, we call this condition Auto-Tele, and believe that it derives from an original attachment wound or trauma that has led to a person’s lack of empathy and belief that the world revolves around them.

Tele is a term coined by Moreno which, from the Greek, means “at a distance.”   It is the unspoken energy that flows between us, and is meant to be reciprocal.  If a child grows up in an environment where the tele is not reciprocated – due to death, divorce, addiction, mental illness, etc, the child never develops the capacity for that reciprocity, believes everything is about them, and has no capacity for empathy or ability to reverse roles and understand the world from someone else’s perspective .

In this educational webinar – co-sponsored by BraveHeart Retreats and Action Institute of California – participants will be educated on the concept of Auto-Tele and learn effective clinical tools to help clients traverse the path toward greater empathy and better relationships with self and others. 

Course qualifies for 2 hours of Continuing Education Credit with the California BBS, CCAPP, and Certified Experiential Therapy through ISEP.

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