BraveHearted Loving Multi-Couples Retreat

Every relationship has its joys and its challenges. If you’re looking to build greater communication and intimacy in yours, we can help.

Our unique BraveHearted Loving program is designed to start with what IS working, and then help you identify the blocks to intimacy – in yourself and in your partner – that result in conflict, miscommunication, and a lack of connection.  You will be given specific tools to deepen vulnerability and emotional intimacy, work through conflict, build communication, and identify and release defenses to help you be more present for passion and joy.

By utilizing a blend of experiential therapy, positive psychology, attachment theory, and creative arts such as writing, art, and music, our four-day multi-couple small group retreats can help you deepen your connection to - and intimacy with - your partner.

Many people ask what the benefit is of being in a group with other couples instead of just working with their partner individually. Our experience has shown that since we can be stuck in our own relationship patterns, having other couples mirror us – that is, show us what we can’t see in ourselves, our partner, and in our relationship – can support us in stepping out of the problem and into a solution.

By the end of this retreat you and your partner will have a deeper understanding of patterns that need to change – and the tools to do it.  Together, we will help you co-create a road map to help you move forward.

Some of the topics we address in our BraveHearted Multi-Couple Loving Retreat are:

  • How to (re) open your heart despite fear and/or past hurts
  • Ways to increase your ability to stay present when conflict arises
  • How to share your truth with your partner in a way that brings you closer
  • How to identify and begin to clear the blocking styles you use to protect your heart
  • Ways to better understand how you might be sabotaging yourself and your relationship
  • How to build on what IS working in your relationship
  • How your history of attachment impacts how you show up in your partnership
  • How to create the relationship you and your partner both desire

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