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Sometimes it’s really hard to keep our hearts open. So many things have the potential to shut them down: trauma, neglect, abandonment, fear, and loss. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with feelings and lose our sense of self. Many of us pour attention into the people around us at the expense of our own needs.

In our BraveHearted Living retreats we take great care to create an environment of mutual support and safety. This allows each of us to feel into our hearts, and take the risk to keep them open — or reopen them — so we can tap into the possibilities of joy, abundance and love, which in turn allows us to remain hopeful. We can learn or reconnect with what we are truly longing for, lean into our heart’s desire, and move forward.

In this retreat we’ll use creative arts therapies such as psychodrama, sociometry, art making, and music to explore your inner and outer worlds, help you clear away what is no longer working, so you can (re)build your sense of self-worth and self-compassion. This allows you to embrace all of who you are, and all of who you can be.

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