BraveHearted Leadership for Women

Women outscore men on leadership measurements in almost all areas (Harvard Business Review, 2013), and yet men continue to hold the majority of leadership positions. Moreover, in group settings, men are 75% more likely to speak up, and when a woman does, it’s statistically probable that her male colleagues will either interrupt her or speak over her.

It’s long past time for a change.

Women leaders need help in overcoming many of the following:  External and internal gender biases; a confidence gap (their own and from those around them); feeling like they need to work harder than men to prove themselves; fear of making mistakes, which undermines their creativity and risk taking; and having difficulty speaking up and sharing their ideas because they’re afraid their contributions won’t be honored.

At this didactic and experiential Brave-Hearted Leadership Workshop, women leaders will be provided specific, evidence-based, easily-implementable tools, at both the micro and macro level, to help them role train to become more effective leaders by:

  • Designing and implementing a vision for themselves and their organizations
  • Broadening and building confidence
  • Learning how to “Take Status” and not undermine themselves
  • Strategizing for their own and their organization's success, including building communities of support
  • Clarifying how they add value to their organization and learning how to communicate that effectively
  • Developing a sense of inward approval despite potentially negative outside feedback

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