BraveHearted Family Intensive

When dis-ease or dysfunction invade a family, everyone becomes locked into unhealthy behaviors and dynamics, not just the so-called “Identified Patient.” Most models of family therapy or intervention are focused on getting one person “better” but even if that starts to happen, it doesn’t address and change the systemic dis-ease that is impacting the entire family. It is only by working with everyone in the family that we can implement lasting change.

We will help you better understand this dis-ease and/or dysfunction through action exercises, instead of just words, so that it’s easier to integrate what you’ve learned and make changes moving forward.

Through these exercises and the education we provide, we will help all of your family members self-identify unhealthy behavior patterns that you’ve been caught in and make a commitment to each other for change, so that the entire system can heal.

By coming together for a family workshop, your family can be helped to lower anxiety, identify what has been leading to the dis-ease or dysfunction in the first place, practice new behaviors and responses, and provide EVERYONE with a plan to move forward together on the road of healing.

Please note: we can provide ongoing case management moving forward to assist you in continuing to implement your plan of healing, as well as facilitate additional family workshops at key moments in your family’s healing process.

If you are interested in participating in a BraveHearted Family Intensive, please send us a message through the contact form below to get started.

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